Bill Stout Reports

April 28, 1960, Bomb Shelter 

April 28, 1960, Bomb Shelter

April 28, 1960: Bill Stout, a fixture of early Los Angeles TV, looks at how Southern California might fare in a nuclear attack. Stout, who died in 1989 at the age of 62, once said that television news, "in some ways is quicker and better than newspapers. The Symbionese Liberation Army shoot-out (in 1974, which followed by a few months the Patty Hearst kidnapping) in South L.A. was a good example. We covered it live. Newspapers covered it later in the day. They had great stuff, but not as good . . . not with the immediate wallop of TV.”

On the jump, one employer opens a parking lot just for compact cars.

April 28, 1960, Parking

April 28, 1960, Parking

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4 Responses to Bill Stout Reports

  1. Jim says:

    “In Los Angeles, what are your chances for survival?”
    Better than those of Studebaker.


  2. keith thursby says:

    I remember Bill Stout well from the post-Big News days, but also for his part in the Robert Redford movie ‘The Candidate.’


  3. Chris Morales says:

    I’m sure that many Angelenos fondly remember Bill Stout. He embodied the noblest aspects of the profession of journalism; dedication, dignity, professionalism, fairness and courage. I had the pleasure of meeting him and have never forgotten what true gentleman he was.


  4. Don says:

    Note that the sponsor of the program was Studebaker, which did not survive.


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