Lakers Moving to L.A.

April 28, 1960, Elgin Baylor

April 28, 1960, Lakers

April 28, 1960: The Lakers became the newest member of Los Angeles' growing collection of sports teams, agreeing to move from Minneapolis in time for the 1960-61 season.

Owner Robert Short and the Coliseum Commission agreed on playing dates and rent at the Sports Arena, Mal Florence reported in The Times.

This was a very different NBA than the current league. Florence reported that the Lakers would play 28 games in the Sports Arena (capacity 14,500) and a few games in the Los Angeles State gym (capacity all of 5,200). That doesn't sound major league at all by current standards.

And the Lakers planned to play a few games in San Francisco to ease travel. The Lakers did play two games in San Francisco, as well as two games in Portland (no, not against the Trail Blazers). And they even played the Celtics away from Boston Garden, at Providence R.I.

–Keith Thursby

April 28, 1960, Lakers

April 28, 1960, Lakers

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1 Response to Lakers Moving to L.A.

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    Wonder who those 22,307 pioneering fans were who attended 3 Minneapolis Lakers games, which counted in the standings, in 1959 in the brand-new Sports Arena? Wow. And the Mpls Lakers were in the finals that spring before moving to LA.
    The LA-kers didn’t even have a radio contract until their 2nd full season here. Then came, as Hot Rod used to say, Chickeeeee-baby!”


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