Texas a Gateway for Drugs From Mexico, Officials Say

De. 11, 1959, Times Cover

Walter W. Williams, 117, the last living Civil War veteran, is in critical condition.

Dec. 11, 1959, Drug Raid

Dec. 11, 1959, Border Drug Traffic  

Dec. 11, 1959, Baby Jesus Letter

“Dear Jesus, I am writing to you instead of Santa because you are what Christmas is. I would like to say before we all forget happy birthday and thank you for the present of you.”

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” by Ted W. Lawson and Robert Considine.

Dec. 11, 1959, Pilot Grounded

You know the scene in “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” where they fly under the bridge? Don’t do it.

Dec. 11, 1959, Whalen

Sam LoCigno is indicted in the killing of Jack “the Enforcer” Whalen.

Dec.11, 1959, Toys

Engineer Bill in person at Builders Emporium in Van Nuys … and Covina!

Dec. 11, 1959, Watts Towers

The Watts Towers are “bizarre.”

Dec. 11, 1959, Bergman Filmes

Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” and “Smiles of a Summer Night” are adults-only.

Dec. 11, 1959, Sports

Former world champion featherweight, lightweight and junior welterweight Tony Canzoneri is found dead in his New York hotel room. He had been dead about two days, officials say.

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