Mayor Slashes Budget for Libraries and Parks; Spring Training in Arizona, April 29, 1959

The Senate approves Clare Boothe Luce as ambassador to Brazil, but her husband, Time publisher Henry Luce, asks her to resign, saying that her prestige and authority have been impaired by a political vendetta. During her confirmation hearing, Clare Boothe Luce was harshly criticized by Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Oregon) for a remark during a 1944 campaign speech that President Franklin Roosevelt "lied us into war." Morse also challenged a 1952 political speech that left the implication that former President Truman was a "traitor," The Times said. 

April 29, 1959, Mafia Murders

April 29, 1959, Maywood

At left, the incomplete story giving Police Chief William H. Parker's list of alleged mob killings in Los Angeles. For some reason, the first part of the story was moved from Page 1, so all that was preserved is the runover. I used this material in the map of mob killings I posted previously.

Above, Ellis Allsop dries the dishes as his wife, Reva, leaves to be sworn in as the mayor of Maywood. And our lede? "Breaking precedent is nothing new for attractive career woman Mrs. Reva Allsop." A political maneuver removed her from office in less than a year.

April 29, 1959, Theater

Tony Randall and Debbie Reynolds in  "The Mating Game."

April 29, 1959, Comics

A mother tells her son that she and her husband are divorcing in "Judge Parker."

April 29, 1959, Sports Sometimes stories take a few decades to come true.

Braven Dyer's column suggested that the Chicago White Sox would be moving their spring training home to Arizona. Dyer said new White Sox owner Bill Veeck lived in Tucson and the team was discussing a deal to move out of Sarasota, Florida.

All this would interest Los Angeles readers because the White Sox apparently wanted another team to move with them to make it an even six teams in Arizona.

According to Dyer, former Dodger manager Leo Durocher was "working with the Arizona people" to get the Dodgers to leave Vero Beach for a spot closer to Los Angeles. Walter O'Malley, who knew quite a bit about moving a team from one side of the country to the other, didn't offer much hope: "Unless we trained in Southern California itself, I don't see any difference it would make where we train."

Dyer, on the other hand, saw lots of potential:

"Pish and tush, Walter. Don't you know that Arizona, California, Nevada and Florida are expected to have the largest population increase between 1955 and 1970? How many of those people will you lure to the Coliseum from Vero Beach? Sell that plant, go to Arizona and you'll find literally thousands of fans coming over to see your Dodgers after the regular season dawns."

Pish and tush?

–Keith Thursby

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  1. zabadu says:

    Can you give us a little more info on how and why the Mayor was ousted from office? You tease!!


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