Trouble Was His Business — Raymond Chandler


Oct. 7, 1954, "The Long Goodbye" comes to television.


The Times failed to review Chandler’s "The Long Goodbye," but we did a brief advance on the television show. Notice that "Climax!" was a live program. I have no idea whether there is a kinescope, but it’s nice to think that there might be.

Note: To mark the 50th anniversary of Raymond Chandler’s death, the
Daily Mirror is revisiting some of The Times’ stories about his life and
influence. We invite the Daily Mirror’s readers to share their thoughts.

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3 Responses to Trouble Was His Business — Raymond Chandler

  1. howard decker says:

    Since, of course, a kinescope is simply a videotaped copy of a TV program, I am sure there is one available somewhere. The question is, is it available to the public for viewing? I’d more than love to see it.
    Keep up the great work.


  2. A kinescope would have been made for broadcast on to the east coast and midwestern time zones, and for shipment to Hawaii.
    Whether or not it survives, I cannot answer.


  3. Jeff says:

    Actually, a kinescope is a filmed copy of a live program, shot off a tv monitor, not a videotaped copy. Videotape wasn’t introduced until 1956, so a kinescope is all that might survive. This show would have been telecast live to the east coast at 5:30 Pacific, then kinescoped for west-coast broadcast.
    It is believed to be a lost show. Urban legend has it that this is the show in which an actor whose character had just been killed (Tristram Coffin) thought he was off-camera, and got up and walked away.


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