Matt Weinstock — February 28, 1959

Fix your toaster, mister?

Saturday morning about four years ago a man came into the Mayflower
Hotel on Grand Avenue to repair a toaster. In the ensuing confusion
involving the chef, the engineer and the assistant manager, the man
walked off with an extremelyhockable four-slice machine, which didn’t need repair and was worth about $200. 

It was to be returned Monday but he didn’t say which Monday, one of which occurs each week following Sunday, and it never was.

The other night the same fellow came in again and told the engineer he had come to overhaul the toaster.

time the same assistant manager, Robert M. Stewart, happened to
overhear him. He remembered the previous incident and affixed the
fellow with a steely eye. The repair man caught his glance, mumbled
something about a mistake in the address and took off through the lobby
like a startled gazelle.

So beware, hotel and restaurant people, the toaster repair man is up to his old tricks again.

* *

appalled last Monday at Santa Anita to see hundreds of grim-faced
persons make a break for the exits immediately after the sixth race.
Seemingly they had no regard for the almost sacred obligation to see
the great Round Table run in the seventh, a widely heralded and
historic spectacle provided at great pains by the management. Many of
those hurrying out one exit didn’t even glance at the super horse being
saddled a few yards away.

It left this man with the abhorrent
thought that people don’t go to the race track to see a great horse,
only to try to win money. For shame.

*  *

Stop and think and force a smile.
Spice your life with laughter,
This is but a little while-
The rest is all hereafter.

* *

ON A RECENT Sunday Bud Rainey, a city fireman, took his daughter, 10, to San Gabriel Canyon to see the snow.

he entered the snow area their car was severely snowballed by
irresponsible youths. This continued all day. On the way home when a
souped-up car passed him and the young men in it threw snowballs in his
open side window, almost causing him to lose control of the car, he
decided he’d had it.

He overtook them, pulled the car to the side, and when one snowballer stuck his head out the window, punched him in the nose. Then he calmly walked back to his car and drove off.

next day Bud’s brother, an identical twin who attends a college here,
was walking on the campus when a husky six-footer tapped him on the
shoulder and said, "Hey, buddy, were you up in San Gabriel Canyon
yesterday?" He truthfully said no but he noticed that in addition to a
puzzled expression the fellow had a bruised nose.

* *

A YOUNG bank
teller named Kenneth Brown, who took Malvin Wald’s screenwriting course
at SC eight years ago, subsequently became a producer of technical

Last year Hughes Aircraft assigned him a difficult job — dramatizing the employment of the handicapped.

The budget didn’t provide for an outside writer so he asked his former prof for guidance.

When Bob Cummings saw the film he was so moved he volunteered to narrate it.

The film, "Employees Only," has just been nominated for an Academy award in the short documentary classification.

* *

Kingston Trio’s new record, "Tijuana Jail," recounting the plight of
three American youths arrested in a gambling raid below the border, has
this sequence, "So here we’ll stay ’cause we can’t pay, just send our
mail to the Tijuana jail." Familiar? . . . Dr. Robert H.Alway’s talk at
the Stanford conference tomorrow at the Ambassador has the succinct
title, "Ills, Pills and Bills." He’s dean of the medical school . . .
Jack Wagner ofKBIQ-FM is amused at the disc jockeys taking bows for "introducing" stereotape shows. He did it more than a year ago. 

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