Marilyn Monroe Mystery

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Until I came across the news stories about him threatening his wife with a butcher knife, I’d never heard of Thomas T. Chamales. I picked up a copy of "Never So Few" because The Times’ Robert Kirsch called it "Easily one of the best novels to come out of World War II." I also got a copy of "Go Naked in the World," at left. Check out the acknowledgment, above. Marilyn Monroe and Tom Chamales? That’s a new one on me. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking…. 

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2 Responses to Marilyn Monroe Mystery

  1. MichaelRyerson says:

    Would like to know the verdict. Was Kirsch right? Did you find these books compelling, worth your time or, more likely, anachronisms which haven’t aged well?


  2. Richard H says:

    “And to Marilyn Monroe for her sweating through the editing of it with me.”
    Probably had the Playboy centerfold picture of Monroe or the famous Calender picture on the Wall in front of him.
    VERY common to find those sorts of pictures hanging on the walls in bars, pool rooms, auto repair shops, and other exclusively male establishments. If not Monroe, then someone else like Jayne Mansfield.
    Something that has virtually vanished in the age of computer porn.


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