Man Kills Dentist Over Picture, 1936

I said in a previous post that the fate of Peter Voiss' burros was unrecorded. Unrecorded in The Times, that is. Regular Daily Mirror reader Dick Morris sent along some information about Voiss and his beloved animals, Trixie, Jimmie and another whose name is illegible in an old story from the Hayward (Calif.) Review.

In his later years, Voiss worried about what would become of his burros, and he prepared a will in which he bequeathed the burros to a beneficiary. In fact, any time someone lent him money, he left them a will in which he bequeathed them the burros.

"He scattered 'wills' along the coast from Los Angeles to Seattle like Johnny Appleseed," the Hayward paper said.

Of course, this came to light only when he was on his deathbed and there were competing claims for the animals.   

According to census records, Voiss was born in Germany about 1867. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1886. He apparently was a brewer before becoming a gold miner.

Thanks to Dick Morris for the info!

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