Paul Coates — Confidential File, January 26, 1959


Interesting Query On Slave Situation

Paul_coates"Dear Mr. Coates,

"I read in the Time magazine your: Ignorance is Embarrassing. The
federal white slave traffic law which forbids transporting women for
immoral purpose across state line.

"1– How is it possible that there is a FACT that there are slave women?

"2– Who make the slave and why?

"3– Are those women slaves voluntarily or forced?

"4– Only forbidden over state lines?

"5– Allowed IN a state?

"6– Is it the same in every state or only in the Western States?

"7– What means transportation for immoral purposes?

"8– How can it be made sure the purpose is immoral?

"9– Can you give a sample from daily life?" (signed) Mrs. Trina Deyth, Hotel Leipwig, Frankfurt, Germany.

— Sorry, lady, no samples.

* *

"Dear Mr. Paul Coates,

"I wonder why with your charming manners and your education and
distinguished looks you are not in motion pictures or something on TV
like Perry Mason??

"Talent scouts can be so short-sighted and ignorant.

"I read in your column the comments of your dear mother about the
Russian. Surely, mother knows best. She certainly is lucky for having a
son so bright and handsome.

"I am a 65-year-old lady, so rest assured my comments are nothing personal, only admiration.
"P.S. Will you tell me if Eugene Biscailuz is married or an old bachelor?"

(signed) Rosario M. Silva, 2129 Cambridge, L.A.

–Let’s not talk about him, dear, let’s talk about us.

* *

(Press release) "Small neighborhood supermarkets are gaining in popularity, reports Food Engineering, McGraw-Hill publication. Consumers like the convenience of getting to them easily."

— Fine. But when you get there, how do you get in?

* *

"Dearly beloved Paul Coates:
"That was grand of you mentioning us, dear Paul.
have dinner with Joe and me Friday or Monday night, when we will be
present here at the Vagabond’s House. And save Valentines night to
relax with us here.

Joe Chastek would be different copy for your TV show or column sometime soon, dear Paul??

"P.S. Please say hello to your friends, those nice Brazil people, the Coffeys." (signed) Arthur Wenzel, 2505 Wilshire Blvd., L.A.

–Which ones you talking about Artie? They’ve got an awful lot of Coffeys in Brazil, you know.

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