Poison gas kills Disney’s mother, November 27, 1938



Above, Walt Disney gave his parents a home at 4605 Placidia Ave., Toluca Lake, for their golden wedding anniversary. According to The Times, a faulty furnace connection let carbon monoxide into the house. Disney’s father, Elias, was found unconscious but survived, The Times said. 

Wildfires cross Mulholland and head for Encino, a mile from the homes of Al Jolson, Joel McCrea, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Phil Harris, The Times says.

The federal debt sets a record: $38 billion.

At left, the Nazis ban jazz, effective Jan. 1, 1939, saying that it is only fit for Jews and Negroes.


Nazi "pawnshops" to buy Jewish goods. 


Stanford wins over Dartmouth, 23-13.

Above, The Times explains some of the special effects used by Roy Seawright in "Topper."

Some films in production or to start soon:

Warners: "Juarez," "Dodge City," "Oklahoma Kid," "Dark Victory," "Sea Hawk" and "Each Dawn I Die."

RKO: "Gunga Din."

Paramount: "Union Pacific."

MGM: "Northwest Passage," "Wizard of Oz," "Ninotchka."

David O. Selznick plans to start work in January on "Gone With the Wind." 

And Walter Wanger is making "Stagecoach."

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2 Responses to Poison gas kills Disney’s mother, November 27, 1938

  1. mike barker says:

    Flames “speep”? Is that a word? Or was a typo allowed to appear in a headline?


  2. Hitler bans jazz. Another reason why racism is its own punishment. We Jews and Negros know our music. Too bad Hitler and Company couldn’t lighten up. We all know the consequences of that.


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