Officials turn away football crowds at Coliseum, November 3, 1958


Look beyond the nostalgia factor in this film produced for Studebaker dealers. Listen to the comments. The Studebaker Lark was, according to this film, intended to give consumers what they wanted: a low-priced, fuel economy car. We know today, of course, that Studebaker failed for many reasons. But these executives were positive they had read the market correctly.

"Your product philosophy is right. This is exactly what our customers want."

How huge was pro football in Los Angeles not so long ago? More than
100,000 people watched the Rams outslug the Chicago Bears, 41-35, and
10,000 more people were turned away from the Coliseum.

According to a short story in The Times, Rams management went on the
radio at 12:50 p.m. to tell people not to start for the Coliseum if
they didn’t already have tickets. Ticket window sales were then
stopped, Coliseum manager Bill Nicholas said.

Cal Whorton of The Times said the crowd of 100,470 was the second
highest in NFL history at the time. More than 102,000 attended the
Rams-49ers game the previous season.

As for the game, former USC star Jon Arnett simply ran past the
Bears. Although Arnett didn’t score a touchdown, his statistics were
staggering. He gained 90 yards rushing, 71 receiving, 118 on three punt
returns and 16 on kickoffs.

— Keith Thursby

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