Changeling — Part VI

Los Angeles Times file photo

In going through the photographs from the Gordon Northcott case, I’m struck by how different Northcott looks from one image to another. Sometimes he appears  thoughtful, even bookish. In others, he looks quite demonic. In the undated picture above, probably taken at San Quentin, he seems sensitive and reflective.

Los Angeles Times file photo

At Kamloops, B.C., Sgt. Fraser of the British Columbia Provincial Police, left, escorts Gordon Northcott to Vancouver after Northcott was captured in Vernon, B.C.. The Times published this photo Sept. 23, 1928.

Los Angeles Times file photosHere, he looks like a young writer. And here, he looks demonic.
Los Angeles Times file photo

C.F. Rayburn, left, and Jack Brown in the drawing room of the Southern Pacific’s Owl train as they escort Gordon Northcott to San Quentin, where he was hanged.

Northcott executed “Don’t hang me. Don’t hang me.”

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4 Responses to Changeling — Part VI

  1. Andrew Hunt says:

    Hi Larry,
    I’m a big fan of your Blog (I read it every single day) and a big fan of Changeling (what a remarkable movie). I just had a question: I keep reading conflicting accounts of when Christine Collins died. Lots of Websites say she died in 1935, but then other Websites feature a story (I believe from the L.A. Times) in 1941 about a court case involving Christine Collins. Is there any way of getting to the bottom of this? It’s too bad there is so little information about her out there because moviegoers like me are curious to find out more….
    Thanks — and keep up the fantastic work!
    Andrew Hunt


  2. Shelley Peters says:

    One thing that the movie had me thinking about….there was someone that was supposed to check in on Walter the day that his mother got called in to go to work. Who was that person and was she ever questioned. I suppose the movie just forgot to bring this to light?


  3. craig hill says:

    So much on the first page 10/3/30, each story is worthy of indepth commentary.
    I know the only reason it was posted was Northcott, so don’t expect and am not asking for that. Take a look, tho. What a treasure trove of snapshots of train wrecks in action.


  4. Paula says:

    Larry, I, like Andrew Hunt, am deeply interested in how/when Christine Collins died. Are you able to provide any information regarding her life/death after 1935?


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