June 5, 1968

"Oh no! No! Don’t. . . !"
–Robert F. Kennedy, on being put into an ambulance


"Get a doctor! Get a doctor!
What is America coming to?"


"Some people beat the guy’s head and began tearing at his hair."
–Paul Houston, Times reporter, describing attack on Sirhan B. Sirhan
Sirhan_1968_crop Los Angeles Times file photo

Above, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, beaten after shooting Robert F. Kennedy. Police scuffled with the crowd to protect Sirhan, The Times says.

"Some people said: ‘Kill him, don’t let him get away.’ "

— Pat Murphy, Ambassador Hotel security guard

"As Kennedy was borne on a stretcher from the hotel to an ambulance, people pushed near him, some of them crying. The senator’s shirt was unbuttoned and he appeared to be conscious and alert.

"But by the time he arrived at Central Receiving Hospital he was bundled up in blankets and wearing an oxygen mask.

"He was taken into an operating room and moments later a priest entered the hospital."

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