Dodgers leading

June 4, 1958

By Keith Thursby
Times staff writer

Too close to call?

The election night story on Prop. B, the controversial measure to
approve building a baseball stadium at Chavez Ravine, didn’t have a lot
of details. That might have been because of time constraints but also
because both sides were still hoping for the best and didn’t want to
say anything concrete.

The Times said Prop. B piled up a steady lead, but the voting was so
close "a nearly complete count of all votes cast in the city might be
necessary before the issue is settled."

The story said Mayor Norris Poulson said he had expected a close
race and wasn’t surprised by the early numbers. And opponents such as
City Councilman John Holland refused to concede defeat, The Times said,
because opposition to Prop. B was centered in outlying areas (such as
the San Fernando Valley) where the vote count will take longer.

Things will be very different a day later.

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