April 22, 1958


Above, a baseball museum in Los Angeles? Really?? Well look at this:


Below, a United Air Lines DC-7 and an Air Force F-100F Super Sabre on a training flight collide over Nevada, killing everyone on both aircraft. The victims include aerospace engineers headed to a conference in Las Vegas … A father and son living in a converted school bus are killed and another son is wounded in a bizarre, bloody incident in Dana Point. After being stopped by Orange County sheriff’s deputies, Charles Seyfert got off the bus armed with a pistol. Seyfert dropped the pistol on orders of Deputy Edward Johnson. Seyfert’s oldest son, Charles, 14, dashed out of the bus, picked up the pistol and fired at Johnson, killing Johnson’s partner, Deputy Robert L. Shultz. Johnson fired back, wounding Charles. The youngest Seyfert boy, Tommy, 10, ran out of the bus, picked up the pistol and started firing before Johnson killed him. Seyfert picked up the pistol and Johnson shot him to death.


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  1. JP says:

    How do I get the rest of an article that continues from this front page?


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