April 7, 1938


Above, the Nazis begin taxing synagogues retroactive to Jan. 1, 1938, and ship former Austrian officials to Dachau. The Rev. Martin Niemoeller, by the way, survived the war. Below, Police Capt. Earle Kynette hires former state Sen. George W. Rochester for his defense … A front-page editorial about ballot technicalities that bar voters from deciding where to stage an annual trade fair and 1942 Cabrillo World’s Fair …  "Elderly" private detective Pearl Antibus becomes hysterical on the witness stand while testifying about her expenses in investigating blond divorcee Jean McDonald.

Quote of the Day: "At first Dr. Sheley merely told me that he had a young patient who was regarded as a ‘wild onion’ by his folks, who were very much concerned about the young chap’s affair with a Hollywood divorcee. He said the girl was certainly a looker." — Pearl Antibus, on investigating Jean McDonald on behalf of Thomas W. Warner Jr. to determine whether McDonald loved Warner — or just his money.


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