Marilyn Monroe


Jerry Clark, the chief warden of the retirees’ group known as the Old Farts of The Times, sends along a photo of Marilyn Monroe with Mirror reporter Jack Searles, center, who died March 1. Jerry writes that the mystery reporter on the far right has now been identified as Bob Krauch of the Herald-Express. The man on the left is unidentified.

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4 Responses to Marilyn Monroe

  1. Wonderful image from the daily (busy) life of an American legend who had no time to sleep around and take drug and be drinking. She hopped on planes and she dressed herself so wonderfully. She is in complete control, you can see that in her posture. This image reminds me somehow of the painting of Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, just that Marilyn Monroe is dressed all in white.
    What are you trying to say here with the signature and description on the image? Marilyn had with most reporters a wonderful time, yet it does not mean that she slept with them! She was married three times and pulled successfully through 30 movies. And that in only 36 years lifetime.
    Please do not even try to create another ‘affair’ or accusation. You should be happy to have an Icon like her–now stop treating her without respect, please.
    The last time the Los Angeles Times wrote anything on Marilyn Monroe was, when Mr. Robert W. Welkos, a Staff writer went to the all Time(s) super LOW and gave two idiots full page coverage and tried to fool us all with an unsuccessful singer from Canada who claimed to be Marilyn Monroe–reborn. And her own daughter they claimed is Marilyn’s mother, her boyfriend a Marilyn Monroe costar. Star talking about UFOs and Big Foot, I guess that is what people want to read? Not in my books–how about the truth for a change?
    –Thanks for reading! The inscription is just as it appears on the original photograph.


  2. zabadu says:

    Wow Mark, chill out! The man (Jack), who inscribed the picture was probably having a little fun at Marilyn’s expense. I once sent out pictures at Christmas time of me and Clint Eastwood, saying Merry Christmas from me and Clint. No harm, no foul.
    We all know Marilyn was an emotional mess that made some wonderful movies. Relax.


  3. Karen says:

    My father, Jack Searles, would be very pleased to know that the photograph of him with Marilyn Monroe is circulating. Regarding the hand-written caption and signature, where he wrote to his sister, Cherie, that he and Marilyn had a wonderful trip, the caption personifies his wonderful dry sense of humor. Thank you for publishing the photograph. He is loved and missed.
    Karen Searles
    –Thanks for sharing!


  4. Lisa says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful and rare image!


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