March 18, 1958

Clark Gable

Above, one of Clark Gable’s lesser pictures is featured at a fund-raiser for the Press Club’s 8-Ball Foundation. When the Mirror and Examiner closed in 1962, the foundation held a benefit to raise money for unemployed journalists. Below, a plane lands on the San Bernardino Freeway after running out of gas. No one is hurt and The Times runs a picture of a West Covina police officer interviewing pilot Roger A. Long. Recall that at this time, local police had jurisdiction over the freeways and not the California Highway Patrol … Harry "Karl the Shoe Man" Karl is exonerated in the bizarre kidnapping of Marie "the Body" McDonald … Inside, state highway engineers discover that guardrails on freeway medians drastically reduce head-on collisions–but barriers also raise the number of injury crashes.  It’s incredible but true: The early Los Angeles freeways were built without the center dividers that we take for granted.

March 19, 1958

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