Feb. 23, 1938

As noted elsewhere, I usually don’t republish editorials because they are often outdated and are frequently embarrassing. This one is an especially good example. The Times takes the position that the nation doesn’t need a federal anti-lynching law. Speaking of editorials, here’s a front-page diatribe against union leader Dave Beck … A witness says Capt. Earle Kynette was near Harry Raymond’s garage before the bombing that nearly killed him … Racing at Santa Anita … And Neville Chamberlain says that Britain must act without delay to “make friends” with Mussolini and Hitler lest it be drawn into another Great War. On the jump, San Quentin selects a pig to be the first victim of its new gas chamber, the new method of execution that will replace hanging.

Quote of the day: “The time is coming when Britain must make a stand and I pray to God that, because of our unwise past, we will not be left to make that stand alone.”  Winston Churchill


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2 Responses to Feb. 23, 1938

  1. Grover Dill says:

    Its amazing how history repeats itself.


  2. Sam Flowers says:

    “The Roots Of The Present Are Buried Deep In The Past” That was permanately on the the blackboard in Mrs. VanNess’s history class at John Marshall High School in 1961. Never a more acurate statement exists…


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