Mystery photo



Photograph by Wayne F. Kelly / Los Angeles Times

OK, who are the men with former Dodger Roy Campanella?

Here’s a clue: It was extremely unusual for the man on the left to be mentioned in The Times. When his name appeared in the paper, he was usually identified as a civic leader.

  • Well, that’s C. Norris Poulson in the middle, if I know my mayors. (Nathan Marsak) Absolutely right. He’s the "easy" one. The other two men were prominent in Los Angeles in the late 1950s.
  • On the right, Bernard S. Jefferson of the Urban League? (Nathan Marsak). Awesome. That’s two!
  • Joe E. Brown? Sorry, no.
  • County Supervisor Ernest Debs? Interesting guess! But no.
  • County Supervisor Burton
    Chase? Sorry, no.
  • Councilman John
    Gibson? No, sorry.

OK, I apparently stumped everybody with this one. The man on the left is Franklin S. Payne, publisher of the Los Angeles Examiner, which is why The Times usually identified him as "newspaper publisher Franklin Payne." He died in 1970 at the age of 74.

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1 Response to Mystery photo

  1. zabadu says:

    Is he from the LA Times? Maybe the owner or editor?
    –Well if he were from the L.A. Times, we would have always identified him. However, we usually didn’t.


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