Feb. 11, 1908



Above, the latest in men’s shoes, $87.95-$109-94 USD 2007 … Below, a good example of the drawings The Times used to run in the days before it could easily publish spot news photography … Should the local Japanese American community be allowed to welcome the Great White Fleet given the threat of war with Japan? … Playing politics with the building of the aqueduct … Planting 100,000 trees for Arbor Day … And is a yucca a tree or a plant?

Quotes of the day: "He said he had never examined the brain of a
Japanese, and stated that anyway suicide with them is a habit." Los
Angeles Times, on testimony of Dr. George W. Campbell in the Estelle
Corwell murder trial.

"The newspapers criticize us bitterly, saying that in case of war all
the Japanese of this city would shoulder their guns and go back to
Japan and fight for their Mikado." P. Suki, on hopes among Japanese
Americans of entertaining crew members of the Great White Fleet.



Click here to download the full page: Download 1908_0211_cover.jpg

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1 Response to Feb. 11, 1908

  1. Lawrence says:

    Hey Larry,
    I want to read that Great White Fleet article, but it’s still magnified too small, even when you enlarge it. Is there a way to get the “magnifying glass” icon so we can read the articles?
    –Yes… Instead of clicking on the page, click on the “download the full page” link at the bottom…. That should bring it up at 150%


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