Jelousy slaying



Feb. 2, 1938
Los Angeles

After watching The Times twist and turn to avoid saying exactly what the victims in the Paul Wright case were doing when they were shot, we finally get around to it–sort of. Here’s the setup: After a night of heavy drinking by everyone involved, Wright has gone to bed, leaving his wife, Evelyn, and best friend Johnny Kimmel in the living room.

Wright said he was awakened by the sound of the piano and went to investigate, although it was claimed that he merely hid in the bedroom and watched the couple using a full-length mirror on the bedroom door.

He testified: "I went to the living room door and saw that the lights were still on. Johnny was sitting at the piano. I could just see his head. He was looking downward. I couldn’t see Evelyn and I wondered where she was."

I think we can figure out where she was. (And in case you are wondering, the Harry Raymond bombing story has dropped to an inside page with a one-column headline). 



Click here for the full page: Download 1938_0202_cover.jpg

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