True confessions


Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles reporter and columnist Forabel Muir with a copy of her book, "Headline Happy."

Aug. 30, 1957

Los Angeles

What’s with all these marriage quizzes? How about some blood and gore?

Believe it or not, I’m no crime fan and it’s draining to dig through the details of a gruesome case like the Judith Mae Andersen killing. I needed some comic relief.

But since you asked, here’s some stories we’re following:

  • The Confidential magazine trial. Most of the scandal magazine’s
    dirt comes prostitutes, ex-lovers and  other lowlifes. But film
    director Michael Todd, the husband of Elizabeth Taylor? Actually, yes.
    But he can explain.
  • The fatal beating of San Pedro attorney Milo S. Smith,
    who was found bound and bloody and was "kneed or kicked to death," The
    Times says.
  • A hearing for James Merkouris, who was once confined to a
    soundproof box because of his courtroom outbursts. The proceedings were
    conducted while he was spread-eagled on his back with five deputies
    holding him down.
  • The Dodgers aren’t satisfied with 200 acres in Chavez Ravine. They want 350 acres, but the city doesn’t own all that land.

Stay tuned…..

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