Crooked partner



May 25, 1957
Los Angeles

Mohamad Ahmad should have picked a more honest partner for his
liquor business. But maybe it was only after Ahmad died that the man’s true nature became clear.

Ahmad, 55, died in Jerusalem on April 14, 1956, while on a trip to visit his family in Jordan, The Times said.

Partner Michael Alhandy and his brother, Aleck, produced Ahmad’s alleged will, which
they said was notarized at the home of their mother, Mary Alhandy, 2366 S. Cowlin Ave., portraying her as Ahmad’s "partner, companion and wife." 

Ahmad’s relatives contested the will, which gave the majority of
$44,414 ($318,238.91 USD 2006) to the Alhandys’ mother, while
allocating a total of $12,500 to Ahmad’s brother, nephew, stepmother and four
sisters in Jordan. Ahmad’s cousin Yousef also contested the transfer of
$90,000 ($644,875.54 USD 2006) in property to Michael Alhandy’s wife.

The Ahmad family’s attorneys pointed out that a form stapled to the
will hadn’t been printed until six months after it was allegedly signed
and notarized. Then there was the matter of Ahmad not being able to
read or write English and therefore unable to read his purported

The Alhandys said the form in question had been accidentally torn from
the document and a replacement had been typed and signed. But
handwriting experts and John H. Dixon Jr., representing  the firm that
published the legal documents, showed that everything was a fraud.

"This was the craziest of cock-and-bull stories," Judge Newcomb (or
Newcombe) Condee said. "These witnesses were given every opportunity
prior to Mr. Dixon’s testimony to give the explanation but they
persisted at the time in their story that the stapled document
originally notarized had never been removed," The Times said.

California death records show that Michael Alhandy died Dec. 31, 1999, at the age of 75;
Aleck Alhandy died Dec. 14. 1998, at the age of 76; Mary Alhandy died Dec. 18, 1959, at the age of 71.
Condee retired from the Superior Court bench in 1965. He died Feb. 1,
1974, at the age of 75.

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