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Victor Segno: How to Live 100 Years – Don’t Boil Water!

For a while, I thought it would be amusing to run advice of A. Victor Segno, my favorite Los Angeles charlatan. Like this item on not boiling water. Look out for the decaying carcasses of dead germs! This item originally … Continue reading

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Dec. 20, 1907: Miracle Doctor Fer-Don Cures Man of 90-Foot Tape Worm!

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Dec. 20,1907 Los Angeles Mr. C.D. Roberts of 1900 E. Main was feeling a bit unwell. He had bad headaches, an irregular appetite, saw dark spots before his eyes and felt as … Continue reading

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Oct. 24, 1907: Sanitarium Doctor Tells Patients to ‘Live on Love’ and Forget About Food

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Oct. 24, 1907 Los Angeles Upon the suicide in February of Dr. H. Russell Burner, advocate of the “radium milk” cure, his sanitarium at 2033 E. 4th St. was taken over by … Continue reading

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