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Dec. 27, 1957


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Dec. 23, 1957

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Caryl Chessman

Nov. 26, 1957Los Angeles Here’s an update on two stories we have been following…. After 98 witnesses and eight weeks of testimony, the prosecution is about to rest in the murder trial of L. Ewing Scott. Throughout the trial, the … Continue reading

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Scott trial update

  Oct. 24, 1957Los Angeles So many stories and only one Larry Harnisch. Here’s The Times coverage of the L. Ewing Scott case. Note the testimony of Detective Herman Zander:

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Court beat

Oct. 10, 1957Los Angeles Oh for the life of a court beat reporter in 1957: Confidential magazine, an appeal by convicted killer Caryl Chessman and the murder trial of L. Ewing Scott, not to mention the daily grind of the … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

Oct. 9, 1957 People can be pretty wiseacre sometimes. Especially yesterday. All I was trying to do was conduct a "pulse of the public" poll on a very timely subject: Major League Baseball’s arrival in Los Angeles. Inasmuch as the … Continue reading

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