USC Coed Killed; O’Malley Confident on Chavez Ravine

Aug. 25, 1959, Cover

The imam of Yemen beheads several "Christian agitators" and has others mutilated in a crackdown on liberal reforms … USC student Linda Edna Martin, 21, is found naked and bleeding to death outside her boyfriend's apartment.

Aug. 25, 1959, Parker T-ball Jotter

The Parker T-Ball Jotter is the ballpoint pen of choice at the Daily Mirror HQ. Perfect for doing New York Times crosswords.

Aug. 25, 1959, New York Philharmonic  

Aug. 25, 1959, Coed

In January 1962, John P. Schoeneweg will confess to killing Martin when she stepped out of the shower and surprised him after he broke into her boyfriend's apartment and was taking money from her purse. Schoeneweg also confessed to killing Emeline Ferber and Dors (no, not Doris) M. Wilson.

Schoeneweg was convicted of killing Ferber and Wilson, but found not guilty in Martin's death because his confession didn't match the facts. State death records show that a man named John P. Schoeneweg died in 1972 at the age of 39.

Aug. 25, 1959, Coed

Aug. 25, 1959, Princess Phone

A Princess phone, a major innovation at the time.
Aug. 25, 1959, Immigration

Aug. 25, 1959, Chubby

Is this girl supposed to be "chubby"? A point of departure for a long conversation.

Aug 25, 1959, Immigration

At left and above, an installment of Charles Hillinger's series on illegal immigration.

"There is no opportunity for someone like me in Tijuana. I sell candy and gum at a stand. Make $5 ($36.54 USD 2008) a week if I'm lucky. It's enough to get by on. But what kind of a future is there?"

Aug. 25, 1959, Blue Angel

We're still in the 1950s for a few more months. But notice that in theme and in spare, simplified design, this ad for "The Blue Angel" could have been done in the mid-1960s.

Aug. 25, 1959, Mickey Cohen

Aug. 25, 1959, Valentino

Above, 50 people attend the 33rd memorial for film star Rudolph Valentine. There was no sign of the "lady in black."

At left, lawyer Melvin Belli introduces Mickey Cohen as guest speaker "Professor O'Brien," at a bar convention. 

Aug. 25, 1959, Comic

"You Neanderthal Brute!"

Aug. 25, 1959, Walter O'Malley

No doubt about it, Walter O'Malley was an optimist.

His deal with the city to build his Dodgers a ballpark in Chavez Ravine was still held up in the courts, and city leaders were starting to worry about spending money for road construction just in case there wasn't going to be a ballpark at the end of the road.

O'Malley was still making plans and staying hopeful. He told The Times' Jeane Hoffman the plan was to start digging by Sept. 15 and have the stadium finished by July.

"We would first have to level the stadium site and hills, then get ready to pour the concrete," he said. "The city in turn will close off several roads. It means we're jumping the gun, but we feel it's a good risk."

— Keith Thursby

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1 Response to USC Coed Killed; O’Malley Confident on Chavez Ravine

  1. Stacia says:

    Considering TV shows had “fat friends” like Ethel Mertz and Rhoda Morgenstern (and later, Rhoda’s sister), that Lane Bryant ad doesn’t surprise me much.


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