Black Dahlia–Why I Don’t Give Black Dahlia Interviews and a Progress Report on My Book

I decided to start the year with something different — a video update.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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6 Responses to Black Dahlia–Why I Don’t Give Black Dahlia Interviews and a Progress Report on My Book

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Interesting video Larry, good for you for putting our your message. I hate to tell you that youtubers aren’t always accurate, I’ve had people steal my info and photos without crediting me, and found plenty of others where wikipedia was their source, they did no original research with anything. Most people take the easy way out and steal someone else’s work or pull it out of places like wikipedia rather than finding out of print books, magazines, going to archives, or searching out newspaper and magazine databases.


    • Matt Berger says:

      Hello Ms. Mallory. I enjoy your essays on this site. And I am saddened, though not surprised, to read your original material has been used without your permission. Quality research and critical thinking are skills which are atrophying through non-use and abuse – and the lure of a quick buck. I wrote a book called Interrogating Memory which I hope in some small way will counter this trend. It is a paean to meticulous research and healthy skepticism, the end product of thousands of hours in archives both online and in the real world. It has thus far sold in the dozens; so much for the quick buck. 🙂


  2. Sylvia E. says:

    Thanks for the update and the info on the current, sad world of “true crime” productions. You are so right about how money brings out the sleaze factor. It’s unfortunate and predictable at the same time. Glad you’re in Ms Short’s corner and that you’re so dedicated to doing right by her. A factual story on her and what’s actually confirmed of her life is much deserved.


  3. Matt Berger says:

    Thank you for the update! I very much look forward to the book. Well aware the 15th is coming; I may put flowers on the Medford memorial, though more likely I will wait until July 29. As for research and patience, you preach to the choir here. This sort of meticulous investigation is precisely what I envisioned with Interrogating Memory (both concept and book), which took 3 1/2 years from idea to final first draft. And no sooner do I publish, then I go right back to learning more about my family history, as I contemplate the revised and updated paperback edition. The point being, quality research is a process to be relished, not a nuisance to be avoided. Most fun I ever had as a professional…and the ride is just beginning.


  4. Ariana says:

    Mr. Harnisch, I’ve loved your blog since the LA Times days and still check every time I get an email. I especially loved the history of regular people/events you have done, with the (now gone) links to the original newspapers. Thank you for the update, and all your past work.


  5. Eve says:

    Thanks for the update, Larry, I am so glad the book is going well! I too have turned down TV interviews, and they are always so shocked–shocked!–that someone wouldn’t want to appear on TV.

    You look great, by the way!


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