Black Dahlia: Domain Listed for $5,499

bethshort_com_screen_shot_02 c. 1998, platform for the late, lying John Gilmore and many graphic crime scene photos.

If you were on the Infobahn in the dial-up modem days and were interested in the Black Dahlia case, you may recall Pamela Hazleton’s now-defunct website, with its color scheme of black backgrounds, white type and bright yellow links. The website launched in the late 1990s and had a curious affiliation (always denied) with the late, lying John Gilmore (d. 2017).

I clashed with Pamela in 1997 over her display of so many photos of Elizabeth Short’s body (provided by the late, lying John Gilmore) and for being a platform for so many lies by the late John Gilmore. Sadly, she did not share my concerns and was more than happy to post the images (provided by the late, lying John Gilmore) so that they spread all over the world and have appeared on record covers, outsider art, cellphone cases, you name it.

Pamela later got into the habit of asking readers for money to keep her rarely updated website going (I think we all know the cost of maintaining a website is virtually nil these days). For a long time, the website was down, but Pamela kept the domain.

So I am happy to report that the domain is up for sale.  For only $5,499 on Go Daddy.

Bye, Pamela.

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3 Responses to Black Dahlia: Domain Listed for $5,499

  1. Matt Berger says:

    I do not plan to purchase it. I have too much basic human decency.


  2. Anne Papineau says:



  3. Kris says:

    Mark Twain — ‘The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.’


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