George Hodel: ‘Wings of Evil’

George Hodel: Wings of Evil, Amelia Earhart Case SOLVED!

I’m told that Steve Hodel has published the last two volumes in his life’s work of accusing his father, George Hodel, of every unsolved killing between 1907 and 1999. The Black Dahlia Avenger has gone through countless revisions and updates in which the Black Dahlia Avenger was meeting Billy the Kid Jr. and battling Mothra. Then there’s the Zodiac book. And even a play in which George Hodel poisons his secretary, Ruth Spaulding. (Reality check: She committed suicide). In hailing Steve’s final efforts, here’s a title that he may have overlooked. Or not, since I haven’t read the books and don’t plan to. You won’t find this on Goodreads anytime soon.

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  1. Eve says:

    George Hodel also poisoned FDR’s tea to stop him from spilling the beans about how Hodel had tampered with Carole Lombard’s plane.


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