‘Breakfast in Hollywood’ – Behind the Scenes

Breakfast in Hollywood

Mary Mallory sends along a promotional brochure from last week’s mystery movie Breakfast in Hollywood. Thanks, Mary!!

Break in Holly star pages

Break in Holly romance pages

Break in Holly music pages

Break in Holly Credit

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1 Response to ‘Breakfast in Hollywood’ – Behind the Scenes

  1. Geo. Raymond says:

    Unfortunately only about thirty episodes of the radio show are still extant, but they’re a lot of fun. I recall hearing an interview with a woman from the audience who was 92 years old and she told the story of meeting her husband at a dance. It didn’t occur to me until later that the story she was telling had to be set sometime during the Civil War! The host will also have all the soldiers in the audience say their name and where they are from. And you cannot help but wonder how many of them were to ever return home.


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