Black Dahlia: Zoom Sessions on the Black Dahlia Case


Because so many people are using Zoom to connect in these uncertain times, I thought it would be interesting to host a series of Zoom sessions on the Black Dahlia.

I envision weekly meetings with a fairly small group, maybe five or six to keep it manageable, intended primarily for people in law enforcement or teaching police science, working in the justice system, working in or teaching forensics, and that kind of thing.

The goal is a serious discussion and evaluation of all aspects of the murder, based on original news accounts, various public documents and that sort of thing. The one thing it will not be is a festival of snuff pictures or juicy tidbits for crime show producers, tour operators and podcast hosts (especially the ones who rip off my voice without permission – you know who you are).

The sessions are tentatively planned for Wednesday afternoons or evenings starting April 29. Email me if you are interested.

About lmharnisch

I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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