Remembering Herbert Berghof


Gary writes of Herbert Berghof, as seen in “5 Fingers.”

In the mid late 1970’s I took some acting classes at HB Studios near my apartment in the West Village. For the most part we studied the Uta Hagen text and did her method and exercises. HB himself was always a presence in the hallways, etc. But I never understood what his function was there. I think he was the administrator of the school…little more. He was an unwell old man in those days. I would not have recognized him from the photos from 5 Fingers that you posted. Be that as it may … it is nice to have my memories stirred back into life.

Berghof died in 1990 at the age of 81.

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1 Response to Remembering Herbert Berghof

  1. Andrew says:

    Never understood his function there? He started the studio before Uta came on board. He was a bigger broadway star than she was in the early days and he directed and acted in dozens of productions.


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