Black Dahlia: Fauna Hodel’s Story in 1976 – and No Black Dahlia or George Hodel

Nevada State Journal, 1976

Before TNT airs “I Am the Night,” (“inspired by a true story,”) I’m digging for references to Fauna Hodel, George Hodel and the Black Dahlia. So far, it’s not going well..

On June 2, 1976, the Nevada State Journal published a story about Fauna that says she tracked down “her natural mother and found her — in Hawaii. ‘I also found some new brothers I didn’t know I had,’ she added. It was a pleasant meeting and they correspond occasionally. And her curiosity is satisfied.”

In a later story, Fauna would describe Tamar Hodel as “the hippie of the year.”

What she apparently did not find is anything about her grandfather George Hodel or the Black Dahlia. And Fauna’s unfinished 1990 biopic also didn’t mention the Black Dahlia or George Hodel.

Maybe we should call “I Am the Night” “inspired by a new story.”

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