January 1959: Butch Harris’ Fight to Join the Cub Scouts

Jan. 29, 1959, L.A. Sentinel

Jan. 29, 1959, L.A. Sentinel

Ten years ago, when we were doing the Daily Mirror blog at latimes.com, several of us wondered what became of Butch Harris and his attempt to join the Cub Scouts.

Fortunately, the L.A. Sentinel is online and we have an answer. Unfortunately, it’s quite ugly.

According to Stanley Robertson a Scout official said Cub Scouts at 87th Street Elementary “were not ready to integrate.

Robertson also said that a “Negro official of the Boy Scouts — from another district — who reportedly chastized them, saying:

“I don’t know what you people are raising all this fuss for. These people are pretty nice. They’ve been real good to me. Look at this good job they gave me. There’s nothing wrong with separate but equal.”

We also learned Butch Harris’ first name: Lewis. The other two prospective Scouts were Victor Crowe and Gregory Johnson. As time permits, I’ll see if I can learn the final resolution.


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