Jan. 9, 1959: Matt Weinstock ‘Rugged Fisherman’

Jan. 9, 1959, Matt Weinstock

Jan. 9, 1959: Boats in Santa Monica harbor break from their moorings under high winds and Weinstock has a story. Also poems. Weinstock loved to run little poems. And Sports Illustrated holds a dinner to honor UCLA’s Rafer Johnson..

One fun item:

NEW YEARS 33 years ago — Jan. 1, 1929 — a young ensign named Edward V. Dockweiler drew the midwatch (midnight to 4 a.m.) aboard the USS Idaho, anchored off San Pedro. This was before the present nine-mile breakwater was completed.

An unwritten rule required that midwatch entries in the log be in rhyme and Dockweiler wrote, “We are anchored in Pedro Harbor, though there isn’t much of a fee, and why they call it a harbor, is something I never could see.”

The column originally appeared in the L.A. Mirror in 1959 and was republished on latimes.com in 2009. The entire column is available at Archive.org.

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