Jan. 7, 1959: Matt Weinstock ‘News From Detroit’

matt_weinstock A group of grimly playful fellows at SC who call themselves Asthmatics Anonymous advise that at a raw-lunged meeting in the basement which serves as headquarters they have regrouped as Asthmatics Militant.

First move was to change the association’s motto from “As I live and breathe” to “You should live so long.” (“Here’s crud in your eye” was considered but deemed inappropriate.)

Second action was to wire their Detroit operative, a talented wheezer, inquiring what goes on back there. His reply has just come zinging through.

Matt Weinstock takes a light look at new cars. And has an item about a practical joker who snatched the purse of a temp employee wrapping gifts at a department store and got it wrapped. He assumed it would be returned to the store. But it wasn’t.

The column originally appeared in 1959 in the L.A. Mirror and was republished on latimes.com in 2009. The entire post is here via Archive.org..

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