Black Cat Sandwiches: Frightening Food From the 1940s

L.A. Times, 1947

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project.

The night of witches and hobgoblins is a beloved holiday to all children. Exciting masquerade dress, gleaming jack o’ lanterns, eerie black cats, laughter and traditional prankish games combine to make it the night of nights to have a party.

Fortune-telling games and bobbing for apples lead in popularity, but if you need other games for children too young for dancing, here are some ideas:

Black Cat Sandwiches

12 slices homogenized bread
2 packages pimiento cheese
cooked prune halves

Method: Cut bread slices in circles. Blend cheese with enough mayonnaise to moisten for spreading. Spread on bread. Place a prune half, skin side up, on each circle. Cut rest of prune in small pieces for head, ears and tail of cat.

Another recipe for “Frightening Food From the 1940s.”

Bonus factoid: The Times reports that actress Gay Gibson vanished from her stateroom during a trip from South Africa to England in what is eventually named “The Port Hole Murder.” Ship steward James Camb is convicted of raping and killing Gibson, although her body was never found.


Quote of the day: “I’m the happiest girl in the world.”
An unidentified young woman, a former aide to Aimee Semple McPherson working at the Marine Leprosarium in Louisiana, upon plans to marry a California man with active leprosy.

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