1947: LAPD Officers Overcome by Carbon Monoxide While Sitting in Patrol Car

Jan. 4, 1947, Comics


Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project.

The point here is the condition of police cars in 1947. Despite the image promoted by films that the LAPD used gleaming new black-and-whites in the 1940s, most of the cars were prewar vintage and had been driven hard. Retired officers say “we drove whatever we could get.” While some crime authors write with uninformed assurance about the black-and-whites at the Black Dahlia crime scene, there isn’t a single marked police car in any of the pictures. In fact, the lack of marked cars is one reason

Caryl Chessman was able to pull people over in 1948 with nothing more than a red light.

Hausman not only recovered from his brush with death, he made detective by 1948. There are no further stories on the outcome of the Burson case, which apparently remained unsolved.

L.A. Times, 1948

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