Sept. 8, 1907: Actor Guilty of ‘Mashing’ Young Woman

Note: This is an encore post from 2006.

Sept. 8, 1907
Los Angeles

Jack Foster, a handsome, blond actor who is the toast of the vaudeville circuit, noticed a young lady standing at 3rd Street and Main after a show.

Seeing that she was alone, Foster said: “Rather late for you to be out all by yourself, isn’t it, girlie?”

The young woman—Mrs. R.C. Wilson—replied: “Let me alone and go about your business. My husband is coming here now.”

It seems that the Wilsons had attended a show and while waiting for the streetcar, Mr. Wilson left his wife at the corner so he could go buy a cigar.

When Wilson returned, he found his wife in tears. She pointed at Foster and murmured that he had insulted her. Wilson responded by taking after the actor and only a policeman’s intervention prevented a fight.

In court, Justice Chambers fined Foster $90 ($1,847.12 USD 2005) in lieu of time on the city chain gang and said: “This insulting of young women has got to stop and it will go hard with anyone convicted of that offense in my court.”

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1 Response to Sept. 8, 1907: Actor Guilty of ‘Mashing’ Young Woman

  1. Wow. I recently saw someone argue online that women shouldn’t consider it any big deal if a guy masturbates in front of them. I guess at least a few things have changed, even if so much going on today seems like a repeat of decades past.

    News flash for Foster, though: what on earth makes him think he’s going to get a positive reaction to calling someone “girlie”? That’s just dumb.


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