Aug. 29, 1907: Engine Co. 20 Pranks Newlywed Firefighter

Note: This is an encore post from 2006.

Aug. 29, 1907
Los Angeles

Around Engine Co. 20 at Sunset Boulevard and Mohawk Street, Lt. Samuel Dodd is something of a practical joker, so when he left on his honeymoon with his bride, Juanita, his fellow firefighters decided to get even.

They did such a good job plastering the house across the street at 2149 Sunset Blvd. with signs and old shoes that passing streetcars stopped so passengers could get a look.

The Times said: “The cottage is festooned with shoes—shoes of all sizes and kinds, men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, babies’ shoes and boots. It’s a startling sight. But this is not all. It is also covered with signs—and such signs!

“Don’t Worry, Watch Our Family Grow.”

“Look in Papa’s Eyes and Say Goo-Goo.”

“Compliments of Engine Company No. 20.”

Were the newlyweds upset? After a trip to Coronado and Trabuco Canyon, not at all.

“The young couple stood for a moment and looked,” The Times said. “Then the bride laughed. It was catching. It won the hearts of Engine Company No. 20 on the spot.”

Samuel H. Dodd, retired assistant chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department, died in June 1953, survived by his wife Hazel; sons Samuel H. Dodd Jr. and Donald W. Dodd; and two grandchildren.

Today, 2144 W. Sunset Blvd. is home to Fire Station 20.

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