Aug. 7, 1947: Marriage of Elizabeth Sheedy to Timothy Doheny a Highlight of Social Season

Aug. 7, 1947, Doheny Sheedy Wedding

Aug. 7, 1947, L.A. Times

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project.


Outstanding on the summer bridal calendar was the wedding yesterday of Elizabeth Sheedy, daughter of Mrs. Martin Sheedy and Frank Ainsworth Sheedy, to Timothy Michael Doheny, son of Mrs. Leigh M. Battson of Beverly Hills and the late Edward Laurence Doheny Jr. The ceremony took place at 4:30 p.m. in All Saints Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills.

Rev. Herbert J. Smith officiated in the presence of assembled friends and relatives. The church was beautifully decorated in all-white flowers with candles and clusters of gardenias marking the aisle and gardenias and dahlias at the altar. A reception followed at Los Angeles Country Club where bridal white flowers were used similarly.

Bride Wears Satin

For the ceremony the bride chose an exquisite gown of off-white satin fashioned with an off-the-shoulder effect created by a scalloped bertha and net yoke. The bodice of the gown was fitted and the full skirt fell in graceful folds. She wore an illusion veil falling from a rose-point halo and carried white orchids and lilies of the valley. She was given in marriage by her father.

Barbara Sheedy was her sister’s maid of honor. Other attendants were Mrs. Patrick O’Melveny (Sally Halbriter) and Martha Coen. They were gowned alike in daffodil yellow taffeta bouffant models and wore matching horsehair picture hats. Their flowers were pale-blue water lilies.

Patrick Anson Doheny served as best man and ushers were John Bole Cook, Delevan Lisk, Patrick O’Melveny, Van Cott Niven, Edward Laurence Doheny III and William Henry Doheny.

Receiving at the reception with the newlyweds was Mrs. Sheedy, mother of the bride, gowned in gray chiffon with gray tulle hat and yellow orchids. Mrs. Battson wore a jade green gown, violet hat and orchids.

The newlyweds will sail on the Matsonia today for a 24-day trip to Honolulu. Upon their return they will be at home in San Luis Obispo.

Old Families Joined

Both are descended from old California families. The bride is a granddaughter of the late Patrick Sheedys and the late Franklyn Martins, all former Angelenos, and the bridegroom is a grandson of Mrs. Edward Laurence Doheny and the late Mr. Doheny and Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Smith of Beverly Hills.


It’s not hard to trace a young woman’s life in the newspaper. A luncheon for Thrift Shop Juniors of the Assistance League in 1941; a costume party at UCLA (she’s a Kappa Kappa Gamma) in 1946; and the Spinsters Ball in April 1947, accompanied by Dr. Carey Stanton. (The Spinsters, founded in 1926, was a sister group of the Bachelors and held masquerade balls for many years, but the socialite group seems to have disappeared off the radar in the 1980s).

May 1947, bridesmaid for Sally Halbriter, along with her future sister-in-law, Mrs. Patrick Doheny, who is the matron of honor. Engagement announced on the Fourth of July in a party at Los Angeles Country Club with what must have been rather courageous centerpiece for a young couple: A grouping of large firecrackers inscribed: “Liz and Tim.”

That story was followed by yet another lengthy announcement in The Times: “Among the most popular nearlyweds of the summer are Elizabeth Sheedy and Timothy Michael Doheny….”

Now the birth announcements, daughter Drucilla Anne, son Timothy Michael and another son, Dennis Martin. Daughter makes society debut in 1967.

And then, an obituary: Nov. 21, 1979. Funeral at All Saints Episcopal Church, 504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, where she was married 32 years before. Buried at Forest Lawn-Glendale. Memorial donations may be sent to St. Johns Hospital, Cardiac Section, Santa Monica, Calif.

Elizabeth Sheedy Doheny was 52.

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2 Responses to Aug. 7, 1947: Marriage of Elizabeth Sheedy to Timothy Doheny a Highlight of Social Season

  1. Benito says:

    O’Melveny? Doheny? I see a beautiful bride, and I smell money


  2. Liz Noll says:

    Liz was my Godmother- 64 years ago. I lost my mother when I was 5 and Liz was always there for me. I am now a Godmother for two great girls – Their Aunt Liz shares in the memory of my Aunt Liz……


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