Black L.A. 1947: NAACP to Sue Inglewood for Barring Blacks From Swimming Pool

July 17, 1947, L.A. Sentinel
The 1938 exploitation film “The Wages of Sin” is being shown at the Flo-Mills Theater.

July 17, 1947: The NAACP charges that the city of Inglewood bars African Americans from the pool at Centinela Park.

At an employee picnic sponsored by Mission Appliance Corp. and the Association of Gas Appliance Workers, several black workers tried to enter the pool but were told that it was only for Inglewood residents. Further inquiry revealed that officials did not ask white people using the pool if they were Inglewood residents.

R.C. Goates, head of the Inglewood Department of Recreation said: “We do not refuse admittance but we prefer that they go to Exposition pool, which is open to them.”

Many white union members left the park in protest after apologizing to their black co-workers for the discrimination, the L.A. Sentinel reported.

July 17, 1947, L.A. Sentinel

L.A. Sentinel, July 17, 1947

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