Historic L.A. in ‘Illegal’ | Part 6

Illegal, 1955

In the last post on historic Los Angeles in “Illegal,” here are a few nighttime shots of Main Street. At the far right you can see the sign for the Hotel Cecil.

The 500 block of South Main Street via Google Street View.

Illegal, 1955

Here’s Jack and Jerry’s Cafe at 512 S. Main and the Eagle Loan Office at 512 1/2 S. Main.

Illegal, 1955

The Galway Theater at 514 S. Main St., G&U News Stand Arcade at 516 S. Main St. and the E.S. News Co. at 518 S. Main St.

Illegal, 1955

The 522 Club at 522 S. Main St. and the Famous A&N store at 530 S. Main St.,

Illegal, 1955

What appears to be the New Follies Theater at 548 S. Main St. and the Santa Fe Building at 560 S. Main St.

Illegal, 1955

And finally the Hotel Cecil at 640 S. Main St.

Illegal, 1955

Also the Hotel Rosslyn as seen from Fifth and Los Angeles streets.

Google Street View

The view from Fifth and Los Angeles streets via Google Street View.

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3 Responses to Historic L.A. in ‘Illegal’ | Part 6

  1. Bruce Reznick says:

    Great series of posts, Larry!

    I’d love to see your analysis of the 1956 Lon Chaney Jr vehicle “Indestructible Man”. According to the AFI listing, “it includes detailed scenes at Los Angeles’ landmark Angels Flight funicular railway and inside the Bradbury Building at W. Third Street and Broadway. I saw this as a kid on tv on Chiller Theater in NYC, the noir vibe definitely had a chilling effect on me.


  2. Joe Vogel says:

    The view of the Rosslyn is from Fifth and Spring. Both Rosslyn signs are on the near side of Main Street. Also Los Angeles Street didn’t have a streetcar track. Spring Street did.

    Also the New Follies was the burlesque house at 337 S. Main. The house at 548 was the Burbank Theatre, sometimes advertised as the Burbank Follies. As I recall, the neon lettering on the marquee alternated between the name Burbank and the word Burlesque. Your screencap appears to be displaying both at once.


  3. SylviaE says:

    These screen caps of old L.A. from “Illegal” have been great fun to go through. Thank you so much.


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