May 1, 1907: Runaway Horses and a Fleeing Motorcyclist on the Dangerous Streets of L.A.

Motorcycle Hits Her

Miss Gertrude Young, who lives at No. 525 Wall St., was knocked down by a motorcycle yesterday as she stepped from a streetcar at 7th and Hope streets. The rider of the machine hastened away. Miss Young was taken to the Clara Barton Hospital.

No Milk Spilled

The horses attached to a Eureka Dairy wagon became frightened on South Main Street yesterday by an approaching streetcar and ran. A passenger on the streetcar leaped to the street, seized the bridles of the animals and stopped them. Not a drop of milk was spilled.

Paid for Collision

J. Hall of No. 655 S. Hill St., was hurled from a bicycle in a collision with an automobile driven by D. G. McMasters of 1010 W. 38th St. yesterday. The accident happened on Broadway between 3rd and 4th streets. Hall sustained slight bruises and his wheel [bicycle] was demolished. McMasters paid the lad for his wheel.

May Be Insane

Seizing James Harper by the throat and hurling him to the floor of the office of a lodging house at 127 Wilmington St., George May struck him violently several times last night, it is said. May was arrested on a charge of insanity. He is a miner who has been in an insane asylum, his friends say. He will be examined today by police surgeons.

Boy Seriously Hurt

Morrison Woodhill, 13, who lives with his mother at 410 W. 43rd St. was injured in an accident yesterday afternoon at Washington and Main streets. He was riding a bicycle and collided with a streetcar. He sustained a brain concussion and was treated at the Receiving Hospital. His mother came to Los Angeles from Montana a few months ago. Recently, she sent for her son and he arrived in the city on Monday. He was on his way to buy schoolbooks when the accident occurred.

Arrested for Spanking

John Vasey, 820 E. 17th St., was arrested last night on a battery charge because he spanked William Duncan yesterday. For some years, Vasey has been employed by Mrs. Tina Johnson of 749 E. 42nd St. as a gardener. He was unable to furnish bail and is held in the City Jail.

“These small boys bother me a great deal when I am working,” Vasey said. “This boy was very persistent and so I spanked him. I did not strike him hard. If I committed an offense I cannot complain, but I don’t believe that this charge is exactly just.”

Ps. The Shriners Are Coming!

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