April 25, 1907: Man Kicks Pregnant Wife Out of House for Not Cooking Pigs’ Feet

Note: This is an encore post from 2006.

Anthony Kallan likes pigs’ feet more than he cares for his wife and proved it by kicking her out of the house because she refused to cook his favorite meal for dinner—a day before their baby was to be born.

Kallan, who lives at 66th St. and Figueroa, was charged with failing to provide for his family



Charles M. Fleming, a motorman in the employ of the Los Angeles Railway Company, was convicted of battery yesterday in Justice Rose’s court. Fleming was at the controller of a streetcar which collided with the automobile of W.H. Carlson at First Street and Broadway. Carlson’s three children were in the auto, which was driven by Fred Seigert.


When the chauffeur tried to get Fleming’s name, the motorman became angry and flourished a big revolver in the chauffeur’s face. He refused to tell his name and on the witness stand yesterday admitted that he had said:

“For two cents and a half I’d hit you over the head with this, you bastard.”

His threatening attitude and offensive manner startled passengers on the car, it was stated, and caused a commotion on the street. A “John Doe” warrant was issued for the arrest of Fleming and he was tried yesterday and fined $10 ($205.24 USD 2005) for his offense.

On the witness stand, Fleming showed a deputy sheriff’s star. His star may be taken from him, it is said.

Thursday, April 25, 1907
“This day portends success in love”

The 115th day of this year. Moon is in the first quarter; age 13 days. Jupiter is evening and Venus is morning star.

This is a most ideal day for festivities as well as for affairs of the heart. Give receptions, dinners, teas, dances, etc. Also post invitations today for other affairs to take place at some future date.

In courtship, utilize every opportunity to plead your cause, but do not fail to exercise discretion and good judgment as to the time and place. These will in every instance have a most significant bearing on the result of your efforts. Be diligent and sincere as well as gentle and success will crown thy wooing. Marriages contracted today have a most glowing prospect for happiness.

An unlucky birth date for women, but very lucky for men.

Those whose birth date this day is should avoid sudden changes and new enterprises but keep to regular business during this year. Children born today will be especially lucky in all undertakings, clever, persevering and of excellent judgment. Females will be afflicted in some way.

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