Black L.A. 1947: Bert McDonald Dies; First Black Deputy City Atty.

March 13, 1947, L.A. Sentinel
The latest records by Jimmy Rushing, Duke Henderson and King Perry are at 1065 N. Fairfax Ave.

1065 N. Fairfax Ave., where you got the latest hip 78s in 1947, via Google Street View.

March 13, 1947: The Sentinel publishes the obituary of former Chief Deputy City Atty. Bert McDonald, the first African American to serve in that position.

An April 23, 1964, L.A. Confidential column in the Sentinel by Stanley G. Robertson, headlined: “Do You Remember When? On the 1930s” said:

Locally, two Negroes now deceased, Bert McDonald and Fred Roberts, were the people you had to see to get anything done on a racial basis and the city boasted one of the most corrupt administrations any major American city ever had. Everyone from the mayor and chief of police on down as in on the “take,” while most of the town’s citizens had a hard time making both ends meet.

McDonald was a graduate of USC, the Sentinel said.

March 13, 1947, L.A. Sentinel

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