Black L.A. 1947: Ascot Hills Rapist, Shot by Police, Faces 51 Counts

Minton R. Scott
Minton R. Scott, the Ascot Hills Rapist, after being shot in the head by police.

Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive. Department of Special Collections, Charles E.
Young Research Library, UCLA

Feb. 6, 1947, L.A. Sentinel

Feb. 6, 1947: Minton Robert Scott is accused of being the “petting party bandit of Ascot Hills,” charged with 10 counts of rape, 14 counts of kidnapping and 26 counts of robbery, the Sentinel reports.

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Three men rob Doctor’s Pharmacy, 4012 S. Central Ave., taking money and narcotics.

Four people begin federal jail sentences for stealing relief and government checks from mailboxes.

Feb. 6, 1947, L.A. Sentinel

Above, Harold F. Johnson, a military veteran, examines a stitching machine that he bought at a surplus sale. He was first in line, having waited for 20 hours. Johnson said he would use the machine to reopen his shoe repair shop at 5511 S. Central Ave., which he had closed because his stitching machine was broken.

Scott was arrested by Highland Park Detectives G.R. Lane and T.M. Jordan, who posed as lovers in a parked car.

The Los Angeles Times reported Jan. 13, 1947, that Scott, 31, of 1520 E. 14th St., was hospitalized in serious condition after being shot in the head by police.


Druid and Richelieu streets, via Google Street View.

Scott’s arrest ended a series of attacks dating to June 1946. In July 1946, the rapist attacked a couple near Druid and Richelieu streets, tying up the man and raping the woman.

California records show that Prisoner A-6187, Minton Richard Scott, born March 5, 1915, began his sentence May 6, 1947. He previously served a sentence in Texas for assault and robbery. Scott died in Los Angeles, Dec. 30, 1973.

Feb. 6, 1947, L.A. Sentinel Feb. 6, 1947, L.A. Sentinel


Feb. 6, 1947, L.A. Sentinel


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