Black Dahlia: D.A.’s Final Report Says Elizabeth Short Was Never at Aster Motel

Aster Motel
The Aster Motel, 2901 S. Flower, via Google Street View. Elizabeth Short was never here, according to the district attorney’s files, regardless of claims made in Piu Eatwell’s “Black Dahlia, Red Rose.” 

Frank Jemison, Final Report Frank Jemison, Final Report.

In response to continuing questions about the Aster Motel prompted by Piu Eatwell’s “Black Dahlia, Red Rose,” here’s a quote from the final report filed in 1950 by Los Angeles County district attorney’s investigator Frank Jemison. Jemison states, speaking of Elizabeth Short: “Evidence indicates that victim was never at 2901 South Flower Street,” the address of the Aster Motel.

And just to repeat: Leslie Dillon was absolutely, positively in San Francisco when Elizabeth Short was killed. Which is why he was released by the LAPD, rather than allegations of a police conspiracy and coverup.


Five Reasons Leslie Dillon Didn’t Kill Elizabeth Short

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