Jan. 18, 1947: L.A. Examiner’s Front Page ‘Crime Box’

Jan. 18, 1947, Comics

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project.

163 Crimes in 24 Hrs. Here;
86 of Them Thefts
In the last 24 hours, 163 crimes were committed in Los Angeles. They were:
86 thefts
42 burglaries
10 robberies
7 assaults with deadly weapon
3 morals cases
15 automobiles stolen

The Los Angeles Examiner’s “crime box” was an enduring front page feature of the 1940s. Although its origins are unclear, the crime box floated throughout the paper before finally establishing itself on Page 1. Unfortunately, the Examiner—although it was the better paper—has yet to be added to Proquest and remains accessible only on microfilm. It can be found at the Los Angeles Public Library, central branch, and is well worth the trip.

Pickle Packers
Puzzled Picking
Name for Pickle

CHICAGO, Jan. 17—(INS) Perplexed pickle packers puzzled today over naming an unpickled cucumber that looks and tastes like a pickle.

Inasmuch as the cuke can be marketed within 24 hours after processing, instead of undergoing the long brine bath, among the names considered for the pickle that isn’t was “quickle.”

Quote of the day: “Bubbles and Al”
Message scrawled on the windows of six Santa Barbara jewelry stores by Mamie “Bubbles” Maglio, who said she was testing her diamond engagement ring to see if it was real.

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